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How We Started

ElementDesk is the first product we created and launched at VORII. The global pandemic has affected all our lives in many ways. One of the most noticeable changes is that more and more people are working from home now. This lifestyle change may become the new norm; therefore, your health and safety are more important than ever during a particular time like this.

Our Desks

We are a relatively new company as a brand, but the factory we owned, manufactures over 250,000 standing desks every year for various standing desk brands worldwide.

Our ElementDesks have the industry-leading specs as the desks from top brands, and are 15%-30% cheaper. In addition, they are tested to run over 35,000 up and down cycles without any motor failures. Assuming you change from sitting to standing five times a day, that's 5833 working days, 16 years. So if anything happens to your desk, we got you covered with our 15-year warranty.

Our Core Values and Mission

At VORII, we always strive to produce the highest quality products for all our customers to enjoy.

We only source from reputable suppliers and enforce strict standards for our manufacturing facilities. We firmly believe that the product's quality and reliability are integral to a brand; therefore, we never cut corners on materials and manufacturing.

The way we provide premium quality products at a more affordable price is through our direct-to-consumer business model. We eliminate any unnecessary intermediaries, such as sourcing agent, wholesale markup, and retail markup. We also continuously optimize our supply chain to ensure our customers receive products with fast and free shipping. And since we are direct-to-consumer, we take care of customer service ourselves. We respond to and accommodate any customer requests as soon as we can. All of the above allows us to provide the best-valued products all around to our customers.

We sincerely hope to create a positive social impact by providing our customers with a healthy and productive work environment long-term with all our efforts.